Potions by Liri

A Story of Connection. Of Land. Of Spirit.

A practice of bringing one hand on Earth and the other on Spirit. 
Potions by Liri is a multidimensional platform. This is a study of intuition, rewilding and reclaiming of Lunacy. 
Liri is an Intuitive Reader, Herbalist and Teacher.
This is a platform to cultivate knowledge and create scholasticism out of the esoteric.
This is a practice of Alchemy, of magic.
You can book readings and private sessions, buy plant spirit products and sign up for classes and learning experiences. 
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Meet Liri

Creatrix & Owner

Liri has been an intuitive for as long as she could remember. As a child always being intune with everyones energies, knowing a bit too much and having a deep connection with the earth and all its beings. She comes from a lineage of female farmers and intuitive women. Growing up she spent her summers in her Mother's Natal Macedonia. Here she learned the importance of ancestry, land and spirit.

Today Liri is an intuitive Tarot Reader, Herbalist and Energy worker. Having worked on Farms on and off for years she has forged a deep connection with the earth. She's an avid forager and wildcrafter. She has been reading Tarot since she was about 8 years old.

Now Liri reads Tarot professionally for private clients as well as teaches courses and workshops on how to read tarot. She also teaches classes on plants and herbs and has a line of herbal products. She tries to grow or wildcraft all her herbs for her products, matching them with the movements of the moon and the cosmos. When she cannot grow or forage herself she turns to a few trusted small farms. All products are made with intention and respect for the land. Everything gets reikied before it is sent out. 

Liri also practices Breathwork, Reiki, Meditation, Sound Healing and Yoga. To learn more about Potions by Liri or to book a session or join a class continue to explore the site. You can also sign up for her newsletter to stay on top of all updates and events. 


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